Providence Chapel, and its sister church, Mt. Carmel, make up the Paris Mountain Charge of the United Methodist Church on the Blue Ridge Mountains in eastern Clarke County, Virginia.

The Paris Mountain Charge is a giving, refreshing group of people who believe in community and mission.  We reach out to provide food, shelter, and are constantly listening and watching for ways to be in ministry and  mission. The community around us is an important part of who we are. You are always welcome – come just as you are and, as Pastor, my heart is always open to listen and love.

Being a Pastor here on the Mountain has been a rewarding, fulfilling time in my life.  I believe God has called me to this place for a season and I take his call on my life very seriously.  If I were to tell you one word about my life that defines me, it would be the word “GRACE.” Grace is always available to redeem a lost soul, restore the broken heart, and break   any chains that have one bound; but most importantly grace wraps us in love.

Pastor Karen Adams