Due to the coronavirus, Providence Chapel and Mt. Carmel churches have suspended in-person worship services. We hope it won’t be for long, but right now, it’s anybody’s guess when we’ll be able to come together for worship and fellowship at the church.

Fortunately, modern technology gives us a way to worship together. Instead of a separate worship service at each church, we are holding one service at 10:00 am using the Zoom app. We chose Zoom so that we can have two-way conversations with our church family.

The Boomer-Millennial/Mother-Daughter duo of SuSu and Lindsey Jennings figured out the technology that makes this worship possible.

We hope you’ll join us for singing, scripture, prayer, and the message from Pastor Karen each Sunday. Check the sidebar on the home page for details of how to get on the call.

Steve Jennings, Lay Leader